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Welcome to School #2!

School Two, located on Van Houten Avenue, opened in 1949. It currently serves 430 students in Kindergarten through grade five, with a staff of 60. "Today's children are tomorrow's future" is the school motto.

Welcome Back 

• Tuesday, September 23 - Elementary Schools' Back-to-School Night
• School 2 - September Calendar
Summer Assignments
Summer Reading Assignments
Summer Mathematics Assignments
Thumbs Up!

Following are book trailers made by the Fifth Graders in Mrs. Bachrach's Library Media class.  Watch, enjoy and go read!

Rules by Cynthia Lord http://animoto.com/play/D00LCZOETiysVB2C58JqWQ 
The Ascension http://animoto.com/play/aawFM6qDRPJiBZzCJ0hpVg
The Tooth Book http://animoto.com/play/YNVwIS0oxWRa4ocHs2i1xw
Dragonbreath Attack of the Ninja Frogs http://animoto.com/play/LS8WC7L8jL81yWfXJSCPdQ
Hatchet http://animoto.com/play/1s7HkA2y0ig2XpSuLBRViQ
Ella Bella Ballerina http://animoto.com/play/Hlf93cBOAsAFAbOdd6r7zg
The Bald Bandit http://animoto.com/play/ImbCFB2Gc0m2hpOypXvRJQ
What's The Time Grandma Wolf http://animoto.com/play/0Q4maQDwiVnW1LUAEXCoVQ
Curious George Visits A Police Station http://animoto.com/play/1joBqTrWV5oCqvnbPlZYYw
Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy http://animoto.com/play/qAkD1OI07XoEOV91rI5vYw
Junie B. Jones Has A Monster Under Her Bed http://animoto.com/play/d9qcyNQLXmglNqkvL7dHKw
David Gets In Trouble  http://animoto.com/play/QkGqy9mt801QngMaJ3wagQ
Muncha!Muncha!Muncha! http://animoto.com/play/Rj4qJ8jeOe8Z10Q0qekiTA
When The Library Lights Go Out http://animoto.com/play/9774CPYpelpn2d5R76X5IQ
Green Eggs and Ham http://animoto.com/play/fOJNt7h0libdyWvYNWOdbQ
The Bad Beginning http://animoto.com/play/SBzwVkECq8jef5w9jBEefA

Otto the Boy Who Loved Cars http://animoto.com/play/7MyYjVp3pmOsPs83dIkYRw
Are You My Mother http://animoto.com/play/X5UA0O2bBMJ7dARey1qVlA
Who Took The Cake? http://animoto.com/play/f2PLJYDVjsQlSkpoi3L6Yw
House of Hades http://animoto.com/play/t1nYOZ1qT13UWaGlMN0g0Q
The Fire Within http://animoto.com/play/NEX5E16t31Ki4LIlrX8zqQ

harry PotterRoom 201 is now boarding Hogwart's Express! Our fourth grade students have enjoyed reading from the Harry Potter series.

The Morris Brothers visited School  2 to present their anti-bullying program.

Morris Brothers
Morris Brothers Morris Brothers
5th Grade Presentations
5th Grade Presentations
5th Grade Presentations
5th Grade Presentations 5th Grade Presentations
5th Grade Presentations

We celebrated "Read Across America Day" in many exciting ways. The Cat In The Hat joined in on the fun!

Read Across America Read Across America
Our 100th Day of School
100th Day
100th Day
100th Day 100th Day
100th Day
Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute Weather Assembly

 School #2 enjoyed a fun and exciting assembly by our friends from The Franklin Institute. We learned all about the weather.

Franklin Institute Franklin Institute

Wassily Kandinsky Paintings

Grade 2 made abstract paintings based on the work of artist, Wassily Kandinsky.

Kandinsky Trees
Kandinsky Trees Kandinsky Trees
Kandinsky Trees
Self Portrait


Our fifth grade students created self-portraits using color, texture, and pattern.

Self Portrait Self Portrait

Kente Cloth

Grade 3 students made Kente Cloth with bright colors, patterns, and shapes.

Kente Cloth
Kente Cloth
Kente Cloth Kente Cloth
Family School 2 Provides Extensions: Before and After School Care  Click Here for More Information
School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Jennifer Lucas, Principal
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